Living trusts can serve multiple purposes

Don’t let the state take control of your assets

It is a difficult thought to consider but it everyone should; if you died or got seriously injured, would your family be okay? This is where a trust comes in and saves the day. With the help of a trust, you’ll create a game-plan for your money and your family on terms that you have come up with.

A trust is not as complicated as you may think; this is a legal document, that unlike a will, is not required to go through the courts and become public record. Senior Citizen Lawyer – Dustin MacFarlane can help you or a loved one set up a trust, and the best part? It doesn’t take long!

How does it work? You are the grantor – and a trustee that has been chosen by you, will be the manager of the trust for your loved ones (aka beneficiaries). There are a variety of trusts available to you and these different types of trust can help solve for potential estate tax issues, or pass valuable assets directly down to your grandkids

Scheduling a consultation with Senior Citizen Lawyer – Dustin MacFarlane can help determine which one is right for you and can be done in a timely manner. To be sure you’re choosing a trust that fits your needs, call Senior Citizen Lawyer – Dustin MacFarlane today.

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What They’re Saying

My mother in law was very pleased with the thoroughness of her Trust that Mr. MacFarlane and his associate helped her create. Tony Franceschi, Mr. MacFarlane’s associate, patiently answered questions and made sure she completely understood the documents. She enjoyed working with both of them and has recommended their office to her friends. When it is time to create my Trust, I will only go to MacFarlane Legal.


Dustin generated a living will and trust for us to ensure that our three children would always have a safety net. The document is extremely thorough. The Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare even came in handy recently when my husband was hospitalized!

Trina K.

MacFarlane Legal created two different types of Trusts for us to address two different areas of need. Both Tony and Dustin are extremely well versed in Elder and Trust law and were able to tailor the Trusts to suit our purposes. They were able to make assessments of our situation and provide us with different legal options so we could best determine what language and provisions to include in our Trusts. Tony and Dustin were also very patient with all of our questions and explained all the legal language in a way we could understand. They were very friendly and easy to work with. The fees were reasonable and fair. We are very happy with our Trusts and would use McFarland again in a heartbeat if/when the need for more legal work arises

Carl J.

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