Last week while reading the news, I came across an article on Fox Business regarding the estate of Jeffrey Epstein. The article detailed that the executors of Mr. Epstein’s estate have created a victim’s compensation fund to handle any lawsuits brought forth by victims of Mr. Epstein’s crimes. While most of us will never find ourselves in this kind of situation, or commit the crimes that Mr. Epstein was accused of, this article served as a potent reminder of the necessity of having competent, highly skilled executors to handle your estate in the event of your passing.

What if someone were to sue your estate after you’re gone? You wouldn’t want the responsibility to fall on a loved one or a close friend to handle the complicated legal process that comes with litigation. Your estate should be managed by a lawyer who specializes in estate planning, someone who can guard your assets in the event of any legal troubles. Don’t leave the complicated process of protecting your assets to just anybody, make sure that you hire the best. As a lawyer that specializes in estate planning and asset protection, I will be your advocate, and will competently and confidently manage your estate in the event of your passing, and guard against any potential legal issues. If you want to hire the best, contact my office and allow me to work with you, and together we will create a secure future for you and your estate.