Recently, while reading through some news stories, I came across an article online that grabbed my attention. This story, which can be found here; about a wealthy Countess who left her $41 Million dollar fortune to a pair of eccentric Interior Designers, rather than her own stepson. While most of us could never dream of leaving or receiving an estate of such massive size, but it made me think of all of the times that I have seen this situation play out in my line of work.

Often times, family members operate under the assumption that they will be included in a loved one’s will, only to find out that there was nothing left to them at all. This can lead to confusion, disappointment, fighting between loved ones, and resentment. As someone who prides himself on the quality of work that I do, it is my duty to see to it that the wishes you outline in your will are carried out in the exact way you envision it. It is my job to work with you hand in hand, and to see to it that your estate is safely and accurately dispersed. Contact my offices if you need professional help with your estate, and I will find a solution that works for you, no matter how simple or complex your will is. I look forward to hearing from you!